The original idea for a ski training device goes back to the year 1999. We are a family of skiers who always wanted optimal physical preparation for the skiing season. Just like cyclists, recreational or professional, who prepare for tours or marathons throughout the year using indoor stationary bikes, we wanted to ‘fire up’ the muscles that do the most work at skiing.

After some web research we found that there is no device in existence that is like the one we would want. And, coming from a technical field, after a few ideas and drawings we made a few paper prototypes. Going from a paper drawing to the first prototype took about eight months. We kept the shape from the prototype. Through time, we only switched or upgraded specific elements. With some luck, we connected with the faculty of sports from Ljubljana. That is how we managed to gather theoretical evidence that skiing devices do actually improve physical condition, coordination, strength and balance. Various lab test were performed to support the thesis.

At this moment, we have seven different models primarily intended for physical training. These devices are intended for skiers as well as other active people wanting a new revolutionary dimension of exercise. We offer different levels of group exercises – from low to very high intensity cardio exercises. Our biggest clients are fitness centers, ski clubs, physiotherapists and also private customers. The device is also used for after-injury rehabilitation of lower extremities.

Our new product PRO SKI FIT 360, launching onto the world market in September 2016 will be a revolutionary combination of virtual skiing with physical exertion.

Our products are used by top skiers, such as Jean Baptiste Grange, Guliano Razzoli and Steve Missillier.
We strive for continuous development and modification of our ski simulators. We want happy clients, skiing prepared and safe with the help of our skiing devices.



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