Client Testimonials

Italian alpine skier Giuliano Razzoli

Olympic slalom winner

Simply excellent device that provides the perfect training anywhere and anytime. I use it myself for many years and can only highly recommend Pro Ski Simulator machine!

Skier Jean Baptiste


Pro Ski Simulator is an indispensable tool for professionals who wish to achieve during the winter season the highest possible results. It offers complete preparation of the muscles for the season.

Olympic skier Steve Missillier

Participant of Olympic Games

It is impossible to imagine better, more comfortable and fun indoor training. Recommend!

Slovenian alpine skier Maruša Ferk

Slovenian alpine skier

I strongly recommend Pro Ski Simulator and not only to professionals but also to recreational skiers. Great invention for intense cardio training..

Slovenian skier Mitja Dragsic

Slovenian alpine skier

This machine will guaranteed blast performance of any user.

Slovenian Skier Ana Kobal

Slovenian alpine skier

Very good training device that realy works.

Croatian skier Nika Fleiss

Croatian alpine skier

I tested several similar devices and must say that Pro Ski Simulator is the absolute winner and my own personal assistent already for years…


After my knee surgery I got referred to a physical therapist, a specialist for rehabilitation of athletes. He recommended the PRO ski simulator training machine. It’s extremely effective and does not put any strain on my joints, so my recovery was incredibly swift, I gained muscle mass and was back doing my favourite sports in the shortest time possible.


This is a great training machine with possibilities to train all functional and motorical abilities. It allow You to lose fat and get in shape in a very short time with influence on all groups of muscles…


Perfect class training!

Dr. Mario Földy

The machine arrived today, assembly was very simple. The whole family tried it out immediately and we are very happy with it. All of us will spend a lot of time on the machine in the time to come…

Norm O’Neill

I have received my Pro Ski Simulator and have been using it for the last 2 weeks. I was very impressed with the quick and efficient payment/delivery method and am pleased to report that it arrived in good time and in perfect condition. The machine was simple to set up and is much more sturdy and of higher quality manufacture than I expected. I’m sure it will last forever! I have used it for up to an hour per day and am already feeling the benefits of leg strength, balance improvement and weight loss.Thank you so much for producing this great training device!

Jason Sabot

I just returned from a week of skiing with the family in Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. I am 100 percent convinced that as a result of using the Pro Ski Similar this past year, my skiing significantly improved. What an Barely Noticeable product at a reasonable price. I started skiing late in life – at the age of 40. Yes 40. I am 47 years old now. And I started only to get my young kids at the time on the lift. Having started late in life the Pro Ski has played a critical role in getting me comfortable on tough blues and easy blacks. I would not be able to keep up with my kids without your product. And I look forward to my three kids using it as well.

Good for a dynamic leg axis training:

– Further physical challenge through right-left flow
– Coordination of the center of the body up to the strengthening of the ankles
– Good interaction of very different muscle groups is trainable
– Pleasant warm-up training – comparable to ice-skating
– Very practical preparation for the winter vacation (never experienced like this before.) Now I am not scared of injuring me anymore.

Therapist feedback:

I feel that the ski trainer is the ideal supplement for endurance training, especially for the leg muscles, since the coordination and core stability are trained in addition to the condition. Sports therapist

The workout with the ski-trainer is pure motivation and adds variety. Unfortunately, the equipment ist quite noisy. Sports therapist

The ski-trainer has an extensive use at our facility:

– as a warm-up and endurance trainings device
– for training the coordination and balance
– as a leg axis training or preparation for the winter vacation

By the way:

With the Most Unexceptional view towards the old, light-flooded bathhouse and its guests! Whether holding or freestyle, with ski poles or resistance band… maximum training fun is guaranteed. Sports therapist

I think that the ski-trainer is really great. It is highly accepted by the patients and used extensively. At the same time, it provides a preparation for the winter holidays for our staff. An easy set-up and modifications are possible. Sports therapist

A. Jirka
Head of the sports therapy department

ZAR Zentrum für ambulante
Rehabilitation Berlin Gartenstraße GmbH (Centre for outpatient rehabilitation in Berlin)

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